Startup Invents Game-Changing Bluetooth® Earphones

“Bluetooth® for Music Lovers” is how Nowall USA, a DC-based startup, describes the CH-1, their debut product and the world’s first dual-speaker earphones. Most Bluetooth® earphones are only able to deliver a tinny, distorted sound, but the CH-1 delivers audiophile-level quality wirelessly, totally changing the Bluetooth® game. They could retail for up to $400 given the competition, but they’re available for only $69 for a limited time on Kickstarter (it’s $79 after that for the duration of the campaign and $99 retail).

By moving the power source (a rechargeable lithium ion battery) from the earpieces to a lightweight neck pendant, CH-1 has more room to fit the technology that makes them sound so incredible. CH-1 contains in each earpiece both an armature speaker to deliver crisp high and mid tones (like most Bluetooth® earphones) and a dynamic 10mm driver to deliver deep, resonant bass. Containing twice the normal number of speakers, CH-1 is able to reproduce your music accurately and translucently without the usual distortion that happens over Bluetooth®.

But even if you’re not an audiophile, CH-1 has some other cool features. It is amazing at noise isolation, effectively blocking out everything you don’t want to hear. Anytime you need a distraction-free environment, like when traveling or working in an open office, CH-1 keeps you focused. Included are five sets of ear tips to ensure that you get a secure and comfortable fit for your ears.

What makes the CH-1 really cool though, and makes them worth the price unto itself: you can listen to CH-1 even after it runs out of battery power. How? Included is an auxiliary cable to connect your device to CH-1, effectively transforming them into a traditional, wired set of earphones.

You may not get a chance to use the wired option too much though, as the battery life on the CH-1 endures long past most Bluetooth® earphones, which normally last between five and six hours. You can keep (wirelessly) rocking out with CH-1 for ten hours. That takes you from your morning bike ride to your evening commute without ever having to charge.

Most earphones don’t let you stray too far from your device, but with the CH-1, you can travel up to thirty feet while still hearing audiophile-quality sound. They’re perfect for watching a Bluetooth®-enabled TV or doing chores around the house.

The CH-1 made a big splash at CES Shanghai this year, selling out not only the CES only units but also the demo’s as well! Distributors have expressed interest to the tune of 30,000 units in pre-launch sales. Nowall also debuted what’s next: the CH-2 and CH-3, each containing the respective number of armature units in each earpiece to deliver increasingly accurate sound. But if you have been looking for a great, affordable set of Bluetooth® earphones that sound incredible, nothing else comes close to the CH-1.