Meticulously Packaged

Ch-1 comes packaged within a durable cardboard box, easily opened with its magnetic lock and slide out drawer. Find any number of new uses for it while you enjoy your Music. 







Alluring and Iconic design

From the beginning we wanted a recognizable design that worked with any lifestyle. The neck pendant enables 10 hours of battery life, durability and ease of use were high priority.

The ear-loops comfortably and securely hold the 3d-acoustic chamber earpieces in place during any activity. 



Easily charge with the provided micro-USB and when you're out of battery use the Oxygen free pure copper 2.5mm to 3.5mm auxiliary cable.   


Carry Case

The leather carry case protects your CH-1's with classic and minimal style. 

Comply™ Eartips, and 4 sizes of rubber eartips

Comply™, the standard of sound-blocking eartips come with each unit. A must for any discerning listener, memory foam blocks sound and provides a perfect seal.
Each unit comes with 4 (XL, L, M, S) rubber eartips. Easily swap to find a perfect fit no matter which you choose.